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Corporate Info

Company registration

Infrae bv is a privately held company. It is registered with the Chamber of Commerce of Rotterdam, the Netherlands (Kamer van Koophandel Rotterdam), KvK number: 24323135.

Tax number

Invoices in the EU must include the tax number of both parties. Infrae’s VAT number is:

Banking information

Infrae has one bank account for international transfers, another for daily business.

Bank address for transfers

Rabobank Rotterdam
Postbus 10017
NL-3004 AA Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Bank codes for transfers

Infrae account number: 1010 40 369
Infrae IBAN number: NL50 RABO 0101 0403 69
Bank Swift/BIC code: RABONL2U
Please cover the cost of electronic transfers. We do the same for our contractors. 

For transactions in euros, please set the costs to “Shared” and neither party will be charged.

Credit card payments

Infrae accepts payments by credit card (Mastercard/Visa). Please call to initiate a transaction.


Infrae accepts online payments through PayPal.

Infrae telephone

To save a scroll:
Tel: +31 10 243 7051
Fax: +31 10 243 7052