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Deprecated package

This product is no longer supported by Infrae. Use it at your own risk and please don’t request support. This product is listed here for archival purposes and developers who are using it.


Product info

For additional information see:

Tramline product page

Tramline is an upload and download accelerator that plugs into Apache, using mod_python. Its aim is to make downloading and uploading large media to an application server easy and fast, without overloading the application server with large amounts of binary data.

Tramline integrates into Apache using mod_python. The application server is assumed to sit behind Apache, for instance hooked up using mod_proxy or mod_rewrite.

Tramline takes over uploading and downloading files, handling these within Apache. Only a small configuration change in Apache should be necessary to enable Tramline.

The application server remains in complete control over security, page and form rendering, and everything else. Minimal changes are necessary to any application to enable it to work with Tramline; in fact it's just setting two response headers in a few places in the code.


Thanks to the people at the University of Bedfordshire for their ideas, feedback, and vision.

Available releases

Release version Release date Release files
Tramline 0.5.1 2007 3 20 11:40:50 tramline-0.5.1.tar.gz
Tramline 0.5 2006 11 29 11:11:50 tramline-0.5.tar.gz
Tramline 0.4 2005 11 24 19:11:22 tramline-0.4.tgz

License: New BSD