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Document Library



The Document Library is an open source web application written on top of the Zope 3 application server platform. Information in the Document Library can be accessed using the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH), meaning that besides being open source, the Document Library is also a good example of an open data application. Because it is open data, the Document Library is easier to integrate with other applications, such as the Silva CMS or any other application capable of OAI-PMH harvesting.

For more information about the Document Library itself as well as the OAI-PMH protocol see the files in the doc directory.

For installation instructions, see INSTALL.txt.

Release status and contact information

The documentation status is incomplete: in particular information about the Silva integration and the installation of conversion functionality (Word -> PDF, Word -> text) via OpenOffice is incomplete. There is also no information yet about the installation of tramline (fast upload and download) integration.

In addition, it is likely users will want to use the Document Library with slightly or even completely different metadata information. In order to do this, the Document Library needs to be customized.

The Document Library software was developed by Infrae as open source software. If you need help with Document Library installation, or are interested in doing custom development work so the Document Library becomes more suitable to your organization, please contact Infrae at info@infrae.com. Infrae specializes in services to make Zope-based content management software fit your organization's needs.


The public OAI-PMH base URL for the Document Library is here:


The restricted OAI-PMH url for the Document Library (login required) is here:


This second URL exports information about non-public documents, and is typically used for Silva integration as Silva can take care of access control.

Available releases

Release version Release date Release files
OAI Document Library 1.6 2010 11 4 16:19:35 DocumentLibrary-1.6.tar.gz
OAI Document Library 1.5.2 2009 9 22 10:37:41 DocumentLibrary-1.5.2.tar.gz
OAI Document Library 1.5 2009 7 29 19:21:36 DocumentLibrary-1.5.tar.gz
OAI Document Library 1.3 2007 11 8 16:58:57 documentlibrary-1.3.tgz
OAI Document Library 1.2b2 2006 11 23 17:19:56 DocumentLibrary-1.2b2.tar.gz
OAI Document Library 1.2b1 2006 11 20 18:05:39 DocumentLibrary-1.2b1.tar.gz
OAI Document Library 1.1b 2006 5 3 11:54:19 documentlibrary-1.1b-all.tgz

License: New BSD