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See documentation at http://mobi.infrae.com/

mobi.devices is the set of tools to detect mobile user agents. It uses WURFL database as well as data from MIT mobile project.

It also provides wsgi middlewares that can tag the request with some information about the devices performing the request.

For best performance, please install pytc. It is not a package requirement since it is not available on all platforms.

Paster example configuration:

# This part describe your application
# use = ...

# the entry point to use the classifier
use = egg:mobi.devices#classifier
# cache the classification on a client side cookie (default: true)
cookie_cache = true
# configure caching (see beaker documentation
cache.type = ext:memcached
cache.url =
cache.lock_dir = /tmp/mobicache
# data directory *required*. make sure directory is writable
# by the user that run the webserver
var = /var/mobi/db
# path to wurfl file. by default it uses the ones shipped with
# this package. however you should use the latest one.
wurfl_file = /var/mobi/wurfl.xml.gz

use = egg:mobi.devices#router
# redirect mobile devices that connect to infrae.com hostname
# to m.infrae.com
infrae.com = https://m.infrae.com/

# This part configure the actual WSGI stack
pipeline = mobidevicedetection mobirouter yourapp

# This is the configuration for paster web server.
# It must have the same name as the pipeline
use = egg:Paste#http
host =
port = 8080
threadpool_workers = 7

If you are using apache with rewrite rules that modify the path and you want the router to route on the original path, please add the following rule before any rewrite rule

RewriteRule ^(.*)$ - [E=ORIGINAL_PATH:$1]

Available releases

Release version Release date Release files
mobi.devices 1.2 2011 4 14 14:24:31 mobi.devices-1.2.tar.gz
mobi.devices 1.1 2010 12 20 17:00:36 mobi.devices-1.1.tar.gz
mobi.devices 1.0.1 2010 9 13 19:14:41 mobi.devices-1.0.1.tar.gz
mobi.devices 1.0 2010 9 13 16:40:19 mobi.devices-1.0.tar.gz
mobi.devices 1.0b1 2010 7 15 16:01:23 mobi.devices-1.0b1.tar.gz

License: New BSD