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Silva Code Sources

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This download area is provided for users with Silva versions 2.0 and earlier. For users of Silva 2.1 and later a Code Source Service exists which contains all these Code Sources. It’s not necessary to download them here.

On this page you can download Code Sources from members of the Silva community. The packages are either in .zexp format or are a file system product. They’re listed by latest release.

Code Sources are dependent on the Silva External Sources extension. For 2.1 and later, their code is included in the extension and gets updated during upgrades. The latest versions can be found in svn in the trunk.

What is a Code Source?

Code Sources are powerful tools, providing just about any functionality that’s possible with Zope, but not burdening an Author by requiring technical knowledge or syntax sensitive markup. Authors see only a form that appears in an editor toolbox. All the complexity is hidden in the code.

Silva documents permit all ‘the usual’ elements such as various headings, lists types, insertion of images and alignment, styling of text, etc. Sometimes other functionality is needed, such as the insertion of a live list of news items, or embedding a Quicktime movie. For these situations a Code Source can be inserted, which provides the author with a settings form. For instance for a Flash object the parameters that can be configured are: width, height, play, loop, quality, and other optional settings. Another example is retrieval of live data from an external database.

A Manager needs to create a Code Source, but once it’s created it can be used in multiple documents throughout the site. Code Sources can be imported into the ZMI and become available via the Silva External Sources framework.

For developers, there is a new Code Source Service in Silva 2.1, which contains a number of sources ready for use and can be used for distributing custom sources as well.

More info

There is a How-To for Code Sources included in the Silva Documentation. The same docs can be installed locally in your Silva instance via the Extensions Service.

If you have questions or problems with one of the Code Sources, either send an email to the author, or better yet, send it to the Silva mailing list and there will be someone willing to answer your questions.

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