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This is a captcha support for Silva. It works with the help of skimpyGimpy.

After installing the extension, you can either use a zeam.form widget, a Formulator widget or ask the captcha directly.

You can get the captcha image in your template the following way:

<tal:captcha tal:define="captcha nocall:here/@@captcha"
             tal:content="structure captcha/image_tag">

You can get the captcha as a sound file like this:

<div class="captchaAudio"
     tal:define="captcha nocall:here/@@captcha">
   <a href="#" target="_blank"
      tal:attributes="href captcha/audio_url">Audio version</a>

You can validate an captcha entry in Python like this:

from zope.component import getMultiAdapter

captcha = getMultiAdapter((self.context, self.request), name='captcha')
if not captcha.verify(input):
    # Bad value
    # Good value

This extension require at least Silva 2.3 or higher. For previous version of Silva, you can use previous versions of the extension.

Use in Python Script

In your Python Script/Code Sources, you can use for example:

from silva.captcha import validate

request = context.REQUEST
input = request.form.get('captcha_field', None)
if not validate(context, request, input):
    # Bad value
    # Good value

This will validate (or not) the input of the captcha.

Code repository

You can find the code of this extension in Mercurial: https://hg.infrae.com/silva.captcha/.

Available releases

Release version Release date Release files
silva.captcha 1.3.1 2013 6 12 19:09:47 silva.captcha-1.3.1.tar.gz
silva.captcha 1.3 2013 6 12 19:09:46 silva.captcha-1.3.tar.gz
silva.captcha 1.2.1 2013 6 12 19:09:46 silva.captcha-1.2.1.tar.gz
silva.captcha 1.2 2013 6 12 19:09:46
silva.captcha 1.1 2013 6 12 19:09:46 silva.captcha-1.1-py2.4.egg
silva.captcha 1.0.1 2013 6 12 19:09:46
silva.captcha 1.0 2013 2 15 09:30:40

License: New BSD