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Silva 2.2


Silva is a Zope-based web application designed for the creation and management of structured, textual content. Silva allows users to enter new documents as well as edit existing documents using a web interface.

Silva stores the content in a structured format (XML), and keeps a strict separation between the way the content is used and the way it is presented. This leads to several important advantages:

Silva supports (but does not require) a separation between authors who can create new content and editors who can approve whether content actually gets published. It also allows delegation of editing or authoring responsibilities of a section of the publication to others. Thus, users can be empowered (avoiding a single-person bottleneck), without the loss of editorial control.

To assist in the publication process, Silva implements workflow where multiple versions of the same document are kept around at the same time. One version of a particular document may be published while another version can be edited at the same time.

Silva is extensible with new document types and other types of content objects.

Using Silva

After installing Silva in your Zope, you can go there by an URL such as:


this will show the public page of the silva root; just a simple demo page.

To see Silva in its full glory, type /edit after the url (you can do this for any Silva object):


Silva changes

Silva 2.2 (2010-03-31)


Filename Release date Size
Products.Silva-2.2.tar.gz 2010 3 31 12:14:52 9.1 MB


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