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Products Map for 2.0

Development version

Silva and all its dependencies (svn trunk) can be automatically installed with a buildout:

Silva buildouts for 1.6 and 2.x


This is a list of Silva related Zope Products, both those distributed with Silva itself as well as extensions.

Silva 2.0 (CD)

The Silva core. Silva implements the behavior for the Silva objects, such as Folders, Publications, and Ghosts.


SilvaViews 0.12 (CDI)

The infrastructure used by Silva to attach views to content objects.


FileSystemSite 2.1 (CDI)

FileSystemSite is a Zope extension extracted from the CMF Core. It can be used to maintain page templates, python scripts and the like on the filesystem, which makes for easier development, distribution and installation. Silva and extensions use this for the view system. SilvaDocument also uses it for the forms-based editor.


Formulator 1.11.3 (CDI)

Formulator is a Zope extension for the easy construction, display and validation of web forms. Silva and various extension use this for the display of forms. Also used by SilvaMetadata.


SilvaMetadata 1.0 (CDI)

Silva Metadata can be used to create metadata sets and associate these with Zope object types. The metadata can be configured to be cataloged automatically.

Uses Formulator, Annotation and ProxyIndex.


Annotations 0.4.5 (CDI)

A system for attaching information to Zope objects without changing them. Used by SilvaMetadata.


ProxyIndex 1.2.1 (CDI)

ProxyIndex is a plugin catalog index. It uses a TALES expression instead of an attribute lookup/call to retrieve the value to index from an object. The value retrieved can then be indexed by any available plugin index. Used by SilvaMetadata.


Sprout 0.8 (CDI)

Sprout is a pure-python library that can also be installed as a Zope product for convenience. It contains various support modules for Silva's new XML import/export system as well as the new forms editor parser.


Kupu 1.4b1 (DI)

Kupu is a client-side WYSIWYG editor. If kupu is installed, Silva allows users to use kupu in addition to the forms-based editor to edit Silva Documents.


SilvaDocument 2.0 (DE)

Silva extension for XML-based documents. Contains a through the web editing system for them. This is shipped along with the core, though strictly speaking it is optional. Uses XMLWidgets and ParsedXML. Can optionally be extended with SilvaExternalSources.


XMLWidgets 0.13 (DI)

A system used to construct the forms-based editor for XML used by SilvaDocument. Integrates with ParsedXML.


SilvaExternalSources 1.4 (DE)

External Sources can integrate with SilvaDocument so that data coming from arbitrary Python sources, SQL databases or CSV (comma separated values) can be shown inside SilvaDocuments.


SilvaFind 1.1.1 (DE)

A highly customizable search solution for use with Silva. It allows defining searches in both the Silva Management Interface and on a public site. For developers of Silva Extensions, it is easy to define new search schemas so that custom metadata sets or other properties of their content can be made searchable.


ParsedXML 1.5 (DI)

A DOM-compliant storage for XML documents. Used by SilvaDocument. XMLWidgets integrates with it.


Groups 0.5 (IX)

Groups support is optional; Silva should run without the Groups product installed. Groups use a rather hackish technique called 'monkey patching' to hook groups support into the Silva core, and this may conflict with other products that do the same. If you get strange behavior, removing the Groups product and restarting Zope will safely remove it.

See INSTALL.txt for details on how to install Groups.

To start using the Groups definitions, a "Groups Service" is needed. Once the Groups Filesystem Product is installed, such a service can be added to the Silva Root via the ZMI. This service should have for its id.


LDAPUserFolder 2.3 (IX)

The LDAP User Folder is a user folder replacement for Zope that authenticates Zope users against LDAP.

Compatibility: LDAPUserFolder versions 2.4.0 beta1 and higher require Python 2.2.3 and higher, and in order to use the User ID/Login separation you need a Zope version higher than 2.7.0.


ExtFile 2.0.2 (IX)

If you plan to manage large upload files with Silva, you may want to avoid storing them in the ZODB, instead putting them on the file system of your server. You can do this by installing ExtFile (see INSTALL.txt for more details).


MailDropHost 1.9 (IX)

The MaildropHost product provides support for sending email from within the Zope environment using MaildropHost objects. Unlike the built-in MailHost object, the sending is done asynchronously from a separate process.


SilvaNewsNetwork 2.5 (EX)

SilvaNewsNetwork (formerly known as SilvaNews) builds on Silva and SilvaDocument to provide News Publication, News Filters and News Viewers as well as News Articles and Agenda Items to build a distributed news system for your Silva site. It also contains RSS export and import facilities.


SilvaLayout 1.0 (EX)

Advanced website layout system based on Zope 3 technologies. If you install this, the default Silva layout system won't work anymore, so only install this when you want to try using the new system.