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SilvaExternalSources 3.0.2

  • Add a twitter code source.
  • Add the cs_copyright code source, that is the example created in the Silva technical documentation
  • Improve CKEditor plugin to work better in non-Firefox browsers.
  • A new field only accessible to manager let them warp the HTML generated by a source with custom HTML code.
  • Add various helpers function accessible to code source in order to expose Silva API.
  • Add a feature to dump code sources modified in ZODB back to the filesystem.
  • Add a feature to dump all code sources to the filesystem, even if they don't exists there yet (manage_export_codesources).
  • Improve code source service in order to be able to manage large amount of code sources.
  • Add and improves more tests.


Filename Release date Size
Products.SilvaExternalSources-3.0.2.tar.gz 2013 10 9 17:09:56 214.4 k


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