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Deprecated package

This product is no longer supported by Infrae. Use it at your own risk and please don’t request support. This product is listed here for archival purposes and developers who are using it.

Silva Flexible XML

Silva Flexible XML provides a new Silva Flexible XML Document content type that can deal with arbitrary XML. It validate XML content entered using an Relax NG schema, and transform it using an XSLT template. Also provided is a new Silva Flexible XSLT Report content type that can be used to transform XML coming from arbitrary XML sources to provide a new view on output. An RSS feed for instance can be transformed using XSLT into an XHTML page.

Read an in depth explanation.

Available releases

Release version Release date Release files
Silva Flexible XML 0.5.1 2013 6 21 10:32:54 SilvaFlexibleXML-0.5.1.tgz
Silva Flexible XML 0.5 2013 6 21 10:32:54 SilvaDocBook-0.5.tgz

License: New BSD