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SilvaFlexibleXML information


Silva Flexible XML is an extension to Silva that does the following:

Supported XML specifications

Silva Flexible XML provides support for a number of XML-related specifications:


Silva Flexible XML is built on these three technologies:


A built-in example is the FeatureSheet type (IFeatureSheetSource). It doesn't have a Relax NG schema, but if you select it as the type of XML Source, you will be able to select the FeatureSheet transformer for the XSLT transform.

Then, for the XML, fill in a featuresheet. An example can be found in SilvaFlexibleXML/tests/demo.fst. Next, publish this version of the object and go to the public view. You should now see the feature sheet displayed as XHTML.

An example extension that uses SilvaFlexibleXML is SilvaDocBook. This integrates a DocBook Relax NG schema and DocBook XSLT stylesheets into SilvaFlexibleXML.