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Sparrow is a library that provides a high-level API for RDF Databases. Any database the provides support for SPARQL Queries and has a triplestore that can handle contexts can be used as a backend.

The goal of Sparrow is to make sure all these different backends act the same, making it possible to change RDF Database backends without having to change your code.

At the moment there is support for the following backends:

The API provides support for the following basic functions:

Sparrow does not provide a Graph API, but it can parse and serialize python dictionary objects. This uses the same format as the JSON serialization. Each TripleStore backend provides the following formats:


Sparrow comes with buildout profiles for several databases. These profiles will install and setup the different backends for you.

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Sparrow is also available on the Python Package Index:

Available releases

Release version Release date Release files
Sparrow 1.0b4 2009 7 20 15:55:51 sparrow-1.0b4-py2.5.egg
Sparrow 1.0b3 2009 7 20 15:47:20 sparrow-1.0b3-py2.5.egg
Sparrow 1.0b2 2009 7 14 18:31:21 sparrow-1.0b2-py2.5.egg
Sparrow 1.0b1 2009 7 13 16:26:13 sparrow-1.0b1-py2.5.egg

License: New BSD