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Words are things;
  and a small drop of ink
Falling like dew upon a thought,
That which makes thousands,
  perhaps millions, think.

—Lord Byron (1788-1824)

Software products are useless without documentation. Infrae’s working procedures ensure that documentation is produced as we go, not later, when it becomes a chore. As a new feature is developed, our developers write an initial text. This is invariably over-technical and clunky. Then the documentation team rewrites the text, restructuring it from a user’s point of view, and adds illustrations and screenshots. The developers correct the content, the documentation people fine tune it, beta testers test it, and the process iterates until the polished result gets released. Infrae’s products are always delivered with complete documentation.

Software user interfaces are the opposite of the products. Software should be operable by end-users without documentation. If not, the software has a lousy interface. Infrae is known for the high level user friendliness of its software. But this doesn’t mean we cut corners on user docs; check out the extensive Silva documentation.

Custom Documentation

For some customers additional documentation is necessary that takes into account local environmental factors, such as corporate identity, design, and communication templates. Our documentation people use the same iterative process to create custom documentation that fulfills this need.

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