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Infrae has extensive experience integrating products into existing, complex, technical environments. This includes advanced high performance situations where a cluster of machines operate with load balancing and caching. We've integrated software with central user directories such as LDAP, and interoperated with external databases and content sources.

Integration is eased by our zealous focus on standards and protocols. Our products are designed for longevity, and we make content as futureproof as possible by adhering to accepted standards. This is smart for business, welcomed by our customers, and demanded by the open source community.

We prefer to do software installations together with the customer, either remotely or onsite. In remote collaboration we’re fond of using IRC, email, and VNC. Of course, sometimes the good ol’ phone is the most efficient interaction.

In some cases onsite presence, and thus travel, is required. With or without face-to-face interaction, our collaboration results in top quality infrastructure. We ensure full knowledge about the installation is transferred, and document our work. 


Most of our software installations – including the one you’re currently reading – run behind the open source Apache HTTP Server. Apache has been the most popular webserver on the Internet since april 1996, and is a project of the Apache Software Foundation. Infrae works with the HTTP server and other Apache software on a daily basis.

Infrae has long experience with the Linux operating system, as both server and desktop platform. We use Debian for production servers and Ubuntu on programmer desktops. Some of our customers run our software on other Unices, such as Solaris from Sun. All of our products (except the Railroad Repository, which is Unix only) are run and tested on Microsoft Windows too.

Our creative people prefer the incomparable Mac OS X operating system, and our Unix guys are perfectly at home on an Apple command line. Jaguars, Panthers, Tigers, and Leopards thrive in our environment.

Social integration

Successful integration is also social integration. Infrae is at ease with large and small organizations. We understand how they function, and we know new software systems require change management. Our people are happy to play an ambassador role. The feedback they receive is invaluable.

For inquiries call or contact sales at infrae com.