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silva.pas.wsgi add support into Zope 2 to use WSGI authentication provided by repoze.who by providing a PAS plugin for it. This extension is used in Silva in conjunction with silva.pas.base.

Of course, repoze.who must be used in your WSGI stack.

Available releases

Release version Release date Release files
silva.pas.wsgi 1.2 2012 5 10 19:00:09 silva.pas.wsgi-1.2.tar.gz
silva.pas.wsgi 1.1 2012 2 23 18:13:55 silva.pas.wsgi-1.1.tar.gz
silva.pas.wsgi 1.0 2011 2 2 16:05:09 silva.pas.wsgi-1.0.tar.gz

License: New BSD