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Infrae News

FileSystemSite Update Released

Publication date: 18.March.2014, 15:38

Thanks to Alberto Berti for the fix.


Code Moving to GitHub

Publication date: 16.December.2013, 19:28

Infrae is joining the GitHub age. During the month of December Infrae will move most of its source code in its Subversion and M…

CMIS Components for Plone Released

Publication date: 27.May.2013, 15:02

Infrae has released three components into the Plone Collective to make integration with CMIS-compliant systems such as Alfresco…


This is a Plone 3.2+ extension that lets you enter a custom CMIS query.


MOAI 2.0 Released

Publication date: 28.February.2013, 11:44

Today we released version 2.0 of MOAI, the OAI-PMH server platform. It’s available on PyPI.

Silva 3.0 Released

Publication date: 12.December.2012, 16:50

Infrae is pleased to announce the release of Silva 3.0. The new architecture sports a state-of-the-art user interface, entirely…

Silva 3.0 RC Released

Publication date: 1.October.2012, 09:55

Infrae is pleased to announce the Release Candidate of Silva 3.0. This major new version sports a completely rebuilt and state-…

MOAI 2.0 pre-release

Publication date: 9.July.2012, 18:30

The MOAI 2.0 code has been updated (by Jasper Op de Coul). The new code is checked into the Mercurial repository at https://hg.i…

Silva 3.0 beta Released

Publication date: 15.November.2011, 11:41

Infrae is thrilled to announce the beta release of Silva 3.0. This major new version sports a completely rebuilt and state-of-th…

Silva – Security vulnerabiity 20110928: Arbitrary Code Execution

Publication date: 4.October.2011, 18:24

Today there was a new release of Zope 2.12 and 2.13, fixing a security issue that could let people execute arbitrary code on the…

MOAI Server 1.1.0 Released

Publication date: 8.April.2011, 17:40

Infrae is pleased to announce the release of version 1.1.0 of the MOAI Server. MOAI is a platform that aggregates input from dis…

Silva 2.3 Released

Publication date: 21.December.2010, 09:44

Infrae is pleased to announce the final release of Silva 2.3. This release contains a gamut of new features for users, system ad…