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Five 0.3 released!

Publication date: 11.March.2005, 19:09

Five developers release Five 0.3

The Five team is happy to release Five 0.3. Five is a Zope 2 product that allows you to integrate Zope 3 technologies into Zope 2, today.

The most important feature of this release is undoubtedly the ability to use Zope 3 style add and edit forms. This is thanks to hard work by Lennart Regebro from Nuxeo. In addition, Lennart contributed the ability to use Zope 3 menus with Five. We've also worked on an improved compatibility with Zope 2 page templates, so it is more easy to reuse Zope 2-level macros with Five now. Dieter Maurer contributed essential code to accomplish this. Consult the CHANGES for more details.

Five right now allows you to use the following Zope 3 technologies in Zope 2:

  • Zope 3 interfaces
  • adapters
  • pages (views), including skins, layers and resources
  • edit and add forms, based on schemas
  • ZCML

We've tried to keep the Five experience as close to Zope 3 as possible, so this means that what you learn while using Five should also be applicable to Zope 3.

Five 0.3, even though it has an early version number, is being used in production-grade projects, among others at Nuxeo and Infrae.

Infrae and Nuxeo have recently announced to cooperate on the development of Zope 3 technologies, and this should bring further good news for Five in the future!

Five 0.3 can be downloaded here:


More information about Five can be found on our website, here:


We hope you'll join our mailing list and let hear from yourself!

About the Zope 3 Base

Five is part of the *Zope 3 Base* project, which aims to offer an approachable area for developers of Zope 3 related software. More about the Zope 3 base and its projects can be found here: