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3 Google Code Sources Available

Publication date: 19.April.2008, 16:10

19 april 2008 – Three new Code Sources that enable embedding of Google objects are available. There’s a YouTube video, Google Maps, and a Google Calendar source. These Code Sources should work with Silva 1.5, 1.6, and the 2.0 range.

Thanks to the University of Coimbra for the Google Maps source.

What’s a Code Source?

Silva documents permit all ‘the usual’ elements such as various headings, lists types, insertion of images and alignment, styling of text, etc. Sometimes other functionality is needed, such as the insertion of a live list of news items, or embedding a Quicktime movie. For these situations a Code Source can be inserted, which provides the author with a settings form. For instance for a YouTube video the parameters that can be configured are: width, height, and url. Another example of Code Source functionality is retrieval and insertion of live data from an external database.

Code Sources are powerful tools, providing just about any functionality that’s possible with Zope, but not burdening an author by requiring technical knowledge or syntax sensitive markup. The Code Sources can be imported and become available via the Silva External Sources framework.


Code Sources can be downloaded from:


FMI contact Wim Boucquaert, wim at infrae com, +31 10 243 7051.