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Silva 3.0 Released

Publication date: 12.December.2012, 16:50

Infrae is pleased to announce the release of Silva 3.0. The new architecture sports a state-of-the-art user interface, entirely Ajax-driven and much more userfriendly, responsive, and performant. Silva 3.0 also includes a new content editor running on top of a new document type. Silva News Network has been refactored and provides advanced calendar functionality. On a system level the performance of both frontend and backend has been immensely improved.

New features

  • The new Ajax-driven Silva Management Interface (SMI) is much faster, simpler and easier to use.
  • Site authors and editors now use the CKEditor.
  • Editor fullscreen functionality makes it possible to edit and preview in a wide screen layout.
  • Search filter to narrow down the content and asset listing.
  • A new Code Source Service has been built that allows Code Sources to be managed efficiently. It lists all code sources in the site and provides quick access. In a glance, you can find any old Code Sources in your site that no longer function. You can also install new Code Sources directly from the filesystem. The definition of Code Sources on the filesystem is extremely simple as well. After they're installed, you can update a Code Source in the ZMI from its filesystem definition.

New extensions

Silva Content Layout

This extension provides a Content Layout Editor with a drag-and-drop user interface for partitioning and modifying rich media components. Two content types offer flexible layout options while maintaining design control:

  • Silva Page: resembles a Silva Document but instead of having a single column of content it contains predefined sections, called Slots, to which you can add a variety of Components.
  • Silva Page Model: A Silva page model allows you to create a model for a specific type of Page that can be reused as a template for a page with optional restrictions.

Silva Sitemap

The silva.app.sitemap extension generates XML sitemaps that help search engines such as Google to index sites (ref. http://www.sitemaps.org/). A 'sitemap.xml' view will be available on every folder of the site.

A Silva service handles configuration of which content should appear in the sitemap and automatically excludes protected areas.

Silva Forest

This extension provides a facility to define advanced virtual hosting strategies within Silva. It obviates the need to maintain separate rewrite rules in web server software and brings many advantages. When the extension is used the CMS 'knows' about all virtual hosts in the system and uses that information for presentation, rendering logic, and robust references. See the blueprint.

Improved Code Sources

  • Flash Source
  • YouTube Source
  • GoogleMaps Source
  • Portlet Element
  • Vimeo Source (thanks to WU Vienna University of Economics and Business)

New developer features

  • Major cleanup of the APIs, all methods used by the old SMI have been removed. Adapters provide all functionality now.
  • Silva root creation process has been revamped and implemented as a suite of events. This makes it possible to have extensions that plug actions in at that moment. There is no longer a large install method.

Check out docs.infrae.com

Silva 3.0 code has been used to generate developer documentation using Sphinx.  See http://docs.infrae.com/ for extensive technical docs.


Silva 3.0 requires Zope 2.13 and Python 2.7 and should be installed using this buildout:

What is Silva?

Silva is a powerful CMS for organizations that manage multiple or complex websites. Content is stored in clean and futureproof format, independent of layout and presentation. Features include versioning, workflow system, integral visual editor, content reuse, sophisticated access control, multi-site management, extensive import/export facilities, fine-grained templating, and hi-res image storage and manipulation.

For complete information, see the Silva Product Pages at https://infrae.com/products/silva.


FMI contact Sylvain Viollon, sylvain at infrae com, +31 10 243 7051.