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Silva Poll Released

Publication date: 12.November.2007, 12:57

12 november 2007 – Infrae is pleased to announce Silva Poll, an extension that enables users to conduct polls inside Silva sites. A question is posed to the public and results of the answers are displayed to those that respond. The poll can be an independent page or be embedded in a document as a Code Source.

What is Silva Poll?

Silva Poll enables users to conduct polls and collect answers in a Silva site. Results are displayed with numbers as well as graphically with percentage bars. A stylesheet for the content type is supplied so users can easily customize the presentation for their own site.

Visitors can be allowed to vote multiple times or votes can be limited by setting a cookie on the user’s computer. Each poll can have a start date, a closing date, a results viewing date, and a results closing date.

Silva Poll comes with two different services that manage poll data: there’s one to add the data to the ZODB and one that uses a MySQL database. The ZODB based version creates a new transaction on every vote, thus sites that expect heavy usage may want to use MySQL to store the results separately.


You can find version 1.0, for use in Silva 2.0, in the Silva Extensions area:



Many thanks to the people at Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien in Vienna for making this product possible.

Additional contributions have been made by the University of Bedfordshire in Luton, UK.


FMI contact Eric Casteleijn, eric at infrae com, +31 10 243 7051.