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Code Moving to GitHub

Publication date: 16.December.2013, 19:28

Infrae is joining the GitHub age. During the month of December Infrae will move most of its source code in its Subversion and Mercurial repositories to GitHub. As of this writing all the packages that are in use for Silva 3.0 (as far as we know) have been migrated. Packages for Silva 2.1 and 2.3 will come in the future, as well as other individual packages.

This may mean you'll need to adjust your buildout or other installation script. A mapping of frequently used packages follows below. It's only a partial listing, for the full set please see GitHub.

If you are using a package that does not seem to be migrated please let us know at info at infrae.com.

Migration Mapping

From mercurial

From SVN

The svn and hg repositories have been closed to prevent conflicts and confusion.