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Torvald de Boskat (1995-2015) RIP

3 February 2015, 8:17

Torvald de Boskat was a Norwegian Forest Cat, a huge hairy creature that still had some wildcat in him. He had tons of friends, making a lasting impression on people he met. Particularly those he bit.

Image credit: Scholar Blake, May 2013Photo: Scholar Blake, May 2013

He was a social animal, and was extra attracted to anybody wearing black. He liked travel and vacationed regularly, often lounging on the deck terrace of Hotel M&M. He enjoyed social media, was an initiator of the ill fated Gauss startup, and was active on the networks:

Is that a rhetorical question? Do I want more dessert….. #facepaw

—Tweet from Torvald


Torvald was born in the countryside of the Netherlands and moved to Rotterdam in 1997. He joined the crew at Infrae in the founding days, working as an Advanced DTML programmer. Later he became the company's Ethics Officer. Usually he did the first round interviews of new personnel. He loved developers and enjoyed pair programming. Especially if a guy/girl was not fond of the idea.

Here is a link to Torvald's website, with him glaring balefully at the dork taking his picture:

Torvald de Boskat is buried in the Infrae office garden, swathed in two black EuroPython conference t-shirts. He was a big bossy beautiful cat.