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Kupu 1.2 released

Publication date: 7.July.2005, 18:44

April 20, 2005 – After some delay version 1.2 of the Kupu rich-text editor has been released. This release contains a substantial number of new features, as well as numerous bugfixes.


  • Image upload for the image browser
  • Improved 'out-of-the-box' support for the browsers
  • Added support for CSS' float on images
  • Zoom mode to make Kupu fill the full browser window
  • BeforeUnload handler added which controls all form fields
  • A lot of specific fixes and enhancements for the Silva and Plone platforms

What is Kupu?

Kupu is a rich-text ('WYSIWYG') editor for browsers, written entirely in JavaScript. It runs on Internet Explorer and Mozilla based browsers, and produces well-formed, clean (X)HTML. It can (optionally) save to a page without reloading, provides generic browser interfaces to the server (so-called 'library drawers') to browse for images and links and has a large set of tools (functions) available, as well as providing an API to easily roll your own.

Kupu is distributed under terms of a BSD-style license and is used in a number of commercial and open-source products. There's a friendly, active community and there's quite extensive documentation available.


Kupu 1.2 can be downloaded here: https://kupu.oscom.org/download/kupu12.html

More information about usage and development of the product can be found on: http://kupu.oscom.org