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First ‘five.grok’ release

Publication date: 22.October.2008, 21:57

22 october 2008 – Today the developers of five.grok announced a 1.0a1 release. This is a milestone in the convergence of Zope 2 towards Zope 3 technology. The five.grok component makes the ease of Grok – with its convention over configuration approach – available to existing applications.

We think the component will underpin the future of Zope 2 applications. The five.grok initiative was begun by Lennart Regebro and Godefroid Chapelle at the Paris Sprint at Ingeniweb.

What is five.grok?

five.grok is a development layer for Zope 2, based on Grok framework concepts. The development techniques are similar to those used in Grok. The component is based on grokcore namespace packages that were factored out of Grok.

Implemented features

five.grok makes the following components available to Zope 2 developers:

  • Zope 3 Component (Adapter, Utility, Subscribers)
  • Permissions
  • Views
  • Page Templates (using the Zope 2 Page Templates)
  • Formlib forms
  • Skins

All these components are available with exactly the same syntax as in Grok.

More information

You can refer to the Grok website: http://grok.zope.org/ and Grok documentation: http://grok.zope.org/documentation/.

Check the doctests included in the sources as well.


The package is available at the Python Package Index:


FMI contact the Grok developers on the grok-dev mailing list: