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OAI Document Library 1.3 Released

Publication date: 15.November.2007, 12:30

15 november 2007 - Infrae has just released the OAI Document Library 1.3.

OAI Document Library is a document management application intended for the tracking of large amounts of documents in an organization. The application is open source. It is also open data: the contents of OAI Document Library can be harvested using the standard OAI-PMH protocol and integrated with other applications. OAI integration with the Silva CMS is provided.

Changes in 1.3

We’ve prepended ‘OAI’ to the old ‘Document Library’ product name. This to help differentiate it from other applications and make the name more easily searchable.

  • The buildout has been updated. See INSTALL.txt for more information, but getting a demo of the library running is just a bootstrap and buildout away!
  • When manually making a document available, the available date is modified to that moment.
  • When manually expiring a document, the expiry date is modified to that moment.
  • There is a "plaintext available" flag in the form now. This allows you to explicitly disable plaintext from being made available. The plaintext is still available in the feed for full-text indexing, however.
  • The mail sending behavior has been simplified and is less failure-prone. No more need to start a mail queue processor manually to receive email.

What is the OAI Document Library?

Organizations deal with numerous documents, such as word processor documents and PDFs. These documents often reside on someone’s computer and are not network accessible. Versions of documents are hard to track—the same document may be passed around using email in multiple versions over time. In large organizations it therefore becomes important to structure the flow of documents and present them in a common format. This is typically done using a document management system. OAI Document Library is one such document management system.


The OAI Document Library application can be downloaded from


FMI contact Eric Casteleijn, eric at infrae com, +31 10 243 7051.