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Silva Flexible XML released

Publication date: 7.July.2005, 18:45

Infrae is happy to release Silva Flexible XML, a Silva extension that exposes advanced XML facilities to Silva. This enables users to work with native XML content within a Silva context. Silva has always had deep support for XML, but tries to make the user experience so that end-users are not exposed to XML directly. Power-users however do sometimes use to wish XML directly, and Silva Flexible XML provides the answer. Silva Flexible XML aims to integrate Silva with standard XML technologies such as XSLT and Relax NG.

Silva Flexible XML provides a new Silva Flexible XML Document content type that can deal with arbitrary XML. It validate XML content entered using an Relax NG schema, and transform it using an XSLT template. Also provided is a new Silva Flexible XSLT Report content type that can be used to transform XML coming from arbitrary XML sources to provide a new view on output. An RSS feed for instance can be transformed using XSLT into an XHTML page.

On an interesting technical note, Silva Flexible XML is the first software that Infrae has released that uses Five, and is thus using Zope 3 technology to do its job. Five is the Zope 3 in Zope 2 technology that Infrae initially created and is now maintained and extended by a very active group of Zope developers. We believe Five is an important component in driving the future of Zope development. Silva Flexible XML also builds on lxml, a Python library intended to make access from Python to libxml2 and libxslt functionalities much more easy.

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