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Kupu 1.2b1 released

Publication date: 5.January.2005, 10:03

January 20, 2005 – The Kupu team has just released version 1.2b1 of their cross-browser JavaScript WYSIWYG editor. This is a beta of the upcoming 1.2 feature release, which will hopefully be released within a few weeks.

What's new?

  • Added image upload.
  • Improved drawer support and demo content for drawers.
  • Added support for CSS 'float' for images.
  • Configurable filtering with whitelists and blacklists which significantly speeds up save time on IE.
  • Zoom mode to make Kupu fill the browser window.
  • BeforeUnload handler added which controls all form fields.
  • A lot of Plone fixes and enhancements.

What is Kupu?

Kupu is a client-side WYSIWYG editor that is written entirely in JavaScript, works on Internet Explorer as well as Mozilla based browsers and can be integrated into any type of webserver. It has a clean, object-oriented codebase and a flexible plugin API. It supports client-side cleanup (e.g. Word markup) and returns well-formed XML (very clean HTML that can be parsed easily on the server).

To get a copy or get more information, go to the Kupu website at https://kupu.oscom.org/.