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PyCon 2010 Atlanta

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Publication date: 8.February.2011, 07:49

Location: Atlanta, Georgia, US
Start: 11.March.2011
End: 13.March.2011

The Python Software Foundation is proud to present the annual Python community conference, PyCon 2011. PyCon 2011 will be held March 9th through the 17th, 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia. The PyCon conference days will be March 11-13, preceded by two tutorial days (March 9-10), and followed by four days of development sprints (March 14-17th).

Keynotes: We are pleased to announce our first keynote will be given by Hilary Mason, chief data scientist at Bit.ly. See more on the keynotes page.


Registration for PyCon 2011 is now open!

Please note: registration for PyCon 2011 will be capped at 1,500 delegates (including speakers). Make sure you register early! Speakers with accepted talks will have a guaranteed slot.